Advanced Instagram Post Scheduler and Automation Tools


Plan ahead and schedule out your Instagram posts in advance.


Automate your liking, commenting, and following behavior.


Send a custom direct message to every new follower. Great for promotions!

We provide you with REAL and ENGAGING followers who are GENUINELY interested in YOU.

The Most Effective Way to Grow Your Instagram Account

PutSocial only does the things that your account manager should already be doing, but better than they ever could. Liking posts and following the account of a potential customer is the #1 best way to gain them as a follower of your brand. PutSocial just puts this strategy on auto-pilot, targeting new potential followers/customers with laser precision. PutSocial never sends you fake followers, our tools only target people who are likely to be interested in your brand. How do we do this? We target people based on the hashtags they use, who they follow, and even their geolocation. Using our proven automation strategy, we will make sure that you are the FIRST person to like EVERY photo posted to a given hashtag. All day, all night, you will be interacting with your potential customer base.

Automate your Instagram behavior and bring thousands of customers to your fingertips.


Here’s a brief overview of our Activity Automation Features.

Post Scheduling

Save time and money by scheduling your Instagram posts in advance! You can schedule posts for any time of the day and as far off into the future as you’d like.

Auto Like

Liking photos is an important tool to turn potential followers into actual followers. PutSocial will help you automatically like photos posted by potential followers.

Auto Comment

Easily engage with your audience with auto commenting. With PutSocial, you’ll be able to automate comments on photos, targeted on brand related hashtags.

Auto Follow/Unfollow

When your account follows someone, the odds that they will follow you back increase dramatically. PutSocial helps you automate your following/unfollowing so you can grow your account quickly and easily.

Auto DM

Want to reward your followers with a special offer? Or maybe you’re just looking for feedback. With PutSocial, you’ll be able to mass DM (Direct Message) your followers with ease!

Detailed Targeting

Maximize the value of your PutSocial subscription by using these features with laser-like precision. Target accounts based on the hashtags they use, on the accounts they follow, or even by their geo-location.

What Our Clients Say

After just 1 year in business, we have over 250+ happy customers and our software automates a combined total of over 3,000 instagram accounts! Here’s what a few of our customers have to say:

"I believe I was one of the first few people to sign up for PutSocial. In the past 9 months, my instagram has grown to over 100k followers. Absolutely insane."
Anthony Tellez

Co Founder

"PutSocial allowed me to spend more time on my product designs rather than spending all day liking photos. I feel like I used to crawl, and now I'm running!"
Adelaide Andrews

Founder LaStudio

"PutSocial has taken my Instagram from a measly 3k followers to over 10k in just under 2 months and my post engagement is 5x what it used to be."
Jeff Reed


Each package below comes with a FREE 7-day trial. No credit card required

Post Scheduler

USD 9.99 / Month

  • Up to 3 accounts

  • Post Scheduler

  • Automatic Welcome DM’s

  • Automatic Liking

  • Automatic Commenting

  • Automatic Follow/Unfollow


USD 39.99 / Month

  • Up to 3 accounts

  • Post Scheduler

  • Automatic Welcome DM’s

  • Automatic Liking

  • Automatic Commenting

  • Automatic Follow/Unfollow

Welcome DMs

USD 14.99 / Month

  • Up to 3 accounts

  • Post Scheduler

  • Automatic Welcome DM’s

  • Automatic Liking

  • Automatic Commenting

  • Automatic Follow/Unfollow

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