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About Us

Founded in 2015 and based out of Southern California, PutSocial is the preeminent Social Media Marketing company for small and medium size businesses around the world. Our mission is to offer affordable marketing services to help our partners maximize their online potential.  We specialize in total social media management services that focus on establishing an authentic relationship between customers and our clients’ brands.

Our Team

PutSocial employs a team of social media experts with a background in marketing and web development. Our staff prides itself on establishing personal, long lasting, relationships with each of our clients to get a complete sense of how each of their businesses operate. This helps our team develop social media and advertising campaigns designed to accomplish each client’s specific goals.

Our Philosophy

Social media is all about forming a lasting connection between your customers and your brand. Utilizing our 3 step method for social media success, we create a cycle of growing your following, connecting them to your brand, and then converting them into customers of your business. At PutSocial, each of your followers is treated as an extension of your marketing channels. This means that we look for ways to encourage your followers to talk to their friends and family about your business. Spreading information through word-of-mouth advertising is the single most powerful tool a business can use to grow, and provides an authenticity that your competitors wont be able to match.

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