Social Media Management

Personal Social Media Manager

At PutSocial, your business will have its very own professional social media manager dedicated to maximizing your online presence. This manager will work closely with your team to ensure we develop a consistent and attractive brand image for your business. Your personal manager will implement our 3 step formula to create and execute strategic objectives designed to accomplish your goals.

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Social Media Posts

Every day, your social media manager at PutSocial will post content with high quality imagery and engaging captions designed to capture your audience’s attention. At PutSocial, we focus on 3 types of posts, each with their own specific strategic objective – To Collect, Connect, and Convert fans into costumers of your business. Find real examples with real results from one of our biggest clients below.

Step #1 Collect

New Fans

Step #2 Connect

With Fans

Step #3 Convert

Fans into Customers

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Monitor Your Online Reputation

In addition to daily posts to all your social media platforms, your social media manager will actively research what your customers are saying about your brand online. The biggest threat to your brand comes from negative word-of-mouth advertising from customers. If your PutSocial manger spots a problem, they’ll contact your team immediately with recommendations on how to fix it. Publicly addressing complaints and misconceptions quickly is a great way to reinforce a positive brand image. When your fans leave positive comments, your manager will be there to respond, thanking them for their support.

Contest Creation & Management

Social Media Contests are the best and most cost effective way to gather new leads and followers for your business. At PutSocial, your social media manager will develop contests with clear value propositions and simple entry rules centered around accomplishing your strategic objectives. Whether it’s to grow your email list or number of followers on your social media pages, these contests serve as a way to establish first contact with potential customers and generate buzz for your existing customer base.

Analytic Reports

With PutSocial, it’s analytics made easy. As a part of the normal weekly communication between your team and your social media manager, you’ll receive updates on the performance of all your social media pages in one, easy to read, report. We’ll outline what’s working, and what needs improvement, so your business never has to suffer through stagnant growth again.